Bill Hall, PhD

Chief Information Officer
Bill Hall

Dr. Bill Hall is the Chief Information Officer at ConcertoCare. With over 25 years of experience leading multimillion-dollar solutions for businesses, Bill has worked in healthcare, tech, research and development, government, media, finance and retail. Prior to to ConcertoCare, Hall worked as the senior director of infrastructure and enterprise architecture at Northgate Gonzalez. In this position, he worked to automate work streams, increasing cost avoidance/saving opportunities and driving down operational expenses.

Since joining ConcertoCare as the CIO, Hall has driven the evolution of ConcertoCare’s proprietary population health platform, Patient3D®, to deliver improved data liquidity and alignment. As the CIO, Hall will lead ConcertoCare into the future of health technology as the company works to best serve its patient populations and lower costs for health plan partners.

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