Our Journey

ConcertoCare is leading a paradigm shift in care delivery with a clear aim -- to make healthcare work for seniors and other adult patients who need it the most, and in the place where they are often best served: in their homes.

Powered by deep expertise and compassion, our professional and personal journeys have led us to build ConcertoCare into an organization that is transforming adult care delivery for vulnerable seniors and other adult patients with complex conditions.

We believe that it's not solely physical health that needs to be addressed with comprehensive care but rather all aspects of health, including the mental, emotional, and unmet social needs of adult care patients. That's a big part of what we do at ConcertoCare and why our model is making a meaningful difference for patients and their family members.

The work we do matters. And that's what motivates us, each and every day. 

Our Leadership Team

External Advisers